Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We Are So Close to Our $10,000 Online Goal!

Dear Supporters,

  Only 2 days left to reach our $10,000 online fundraising goal. We need $10,000 to continue running our ad on various cable TV stations like Fox News--we are so close.  It is so important for the ad to continue to run because my message reaches large amounts of people at one time.  My message:  Create jobs, restore the American Dream.  But how will this be accomplished?  Drawing from my experience as a small business owner, financial planner, and legislator, I have designed a Five Point Plan to promote economic growth.  With your help, we can change the direction of our country and foster real economic growth.

Please click here to make a secure online donation.  Click Five Point Plan to be redirected to another blog post and view the details of my plan.

Thank you to all that have responded--I am so grateful--and, as always, thank you to everyone for your support.

Fran Becker

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