Monday, July 26, 2010

Fran Becker's Proven Record: A Letter to His Constituents

In a recent letter to his constituents, Nassau County Legislator Fran Becker states that high property taxes are his #1 concern for Nassau residents. According to the article titled "Who Pays America's Highest Property Taxes" published on January 23rd of 2009, "Nassau County homeowners pay a median $8,153--or 8% of their yearly income--to live there. It's the fourth-highest rate in the country."  Fran Becker goes on to explain that the first step in stopping runaway property taxes is to reform the broken property tax assessment system.

Legislator Becker voted with the Republican Majority Legislators to approve legislation submitted by County Executive Ed Mangano to streamline the assessment challenge process for commercial businesses which accrue nearly 80% of the assessment debt. The County will now save MILLIONS on refund payments because the assessment errors will be corrected BEFORE the incorrect amount of taxes is paid. County Executive Mangano also froze all residential property tax assessments for four years. These steps are described as "monumental" to restructuring and reducing the County’s debt.

Fran Becker will bring his experience as a conservative leader to the U.S. Congress and continue to fight for lower taxes for Nassau County residents and businesses.

To view the entire letter, click here.

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