Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer of Recovery?

Please take a minute to read this important post by Kevin Boland at the GOP leader blog. Despite the Obama Administration's claims that this is the 'summer of recovery', the rest of us living in the real world can see that the President and the Democrats in Congress have failed miserably in their efforts to spur lasting and real economic growth and job creation.

Kevin points out that all of the Democrats' plans from the stimulus to Obamacare to their latest 2,000+ page financial regulation bill have failed to produce the one key ingredient necessary for economic growth: stability.  This 'climate of uncertainty' is a job-killer. Businesses and banks can't predict the fallout from these massive and sweeping new laws, regulations, and taxes and are 'sitting it out' instead of expanding, borrowing, lending, and hiring.

The one element of the Democrats plan that is very certain is that our country will see massive tax increases come January 1, 2011. This will further exacerbate the business climate and stifle growth.  Carolyn McCarthy has failed time and again to stand up to her leadership in Washington. She will allow these job-killing tax increases to happen.    One element of my 5-Point Plan to spur job creation includes stopping these tax hikes. Please volunteer and donate to my campaign today.

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  1. The Obama Administration insisted the "stimulus" had to be passed immediately in order to prevent unemployment from going beyond 8%. When unemployment surpassed this pinnacle, they explained that the plan required more time to fully reach its goals. Now that we are halfway through the "summer of recovery" and still not seeing the promised job growth, they will undoubtedly come up with another explanation as to why.

    The plans and programs that have been enacted by this administration and Congress have done nothing to better the economic situation, are proving to be more expensive and far less effective than promised and, in general, doing nothing to make any improvement in the life of any American except those within the government sector.