Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking A Stand

Hundreds of Conservative Society of America (CSA) members showed up in protest Monday night at the Working Families Party fundraiser for Representatives Carolyn McCarthy (District 4), Gary Ackerman (District 5), Time Bishop (District 1), and Steve Israel (District 2), at the Fox Hollow in Woodbury, NY.  Fran Becker stood proudly with CSA members as hundreds of cars drove by honking their horns and giving thumbs up--evidence that an overwhelming amount of distrust and dissatisfaction has developed in Nassau & Suffolk towards McCarthy and the other Democrats in Congress.

Carolyn McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi are incompetent and have been deaf to the needs of our country.  As one of the CSA members stated on Monday night, "65% of the voters keep calling them and telling them to vote no for things and they keep voting yes."  People are waking up, and Fran Becker is honored to stand with the members of the CSA and join their call for change.

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