Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fran Becker Signs AFP "No Climate Tax Pledge"

For Immediate Release

July 19th, 2010

Francis X. Becker Jr. Signs the Americans For Prosperity “No Climate Tax Pledge”
Lynbrook, NY July 19th, 2010- Francis X. Becker Jr. (R-Lynbrook) has joined more than 650 bipartisan policy makers in pledging to oppose any move by the U.S. Government to gain revenue through legislation relating to Global Warming. Several other candidates from New York have also signed the pledge which is being sponsored by the free market grassroots group “Americans For Prosperity” a Washington based not-for-profit that is focused on defending every American’s right to economic prosperity by attempting to reduce the size and scope of Government.

“Using the guise of climate change to transfer dollars from hard-working citizens to bureaucratic big government is unacceptable,” said Phil Kerpen, AFP Vice President for Policy. “Regardless of their stance on global warming, this should be common ground for all of our elected officials at all levels of government.”

Fran Becker is the Republican candidate in the NY 4th Congressional district race.  He currently holds office as the representative for 6th Legislative District in the Nassau County Legislature.  He is attempting to unseat long standing incumbent Carolyn McCarthy (D-Garden City) who currently holds the seat that once belonged to his Grandfather, former U.S. Rep Frank J. Becker.

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