Thursday, July 8, 2010

Serious Questions for Carolyn McCarthy Regarding Israel

I was contacted recently by one of my supporters in District 4 who had some very serious questions for Carolyn McCarthy regarding her less-than-fervent support of Israel, one of our country's greatest allies. The following questions were directed to Ms. McCarthy by my supporter and I intend to get Ms. McCarthy to answer them:

1. Do you support a united Jerusalem under Israel Sovereignty?  If yes, then why haven't you co-sponsored Congressional Resolution 1191, calling on the administration to finally abide by U.S. law and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

2. Do you support Israel's right of self defense against an attack from Iran's nuclear installations?  If yes, why haven't you or any other Democratic Congress person sponsored Congressman Louie Gohmert's bill, calling on the administration to recognize Israel's right of self defense including military force if negotiations fail?

3. Salem Fayad, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority has stated that if negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians are not completed by August 2011, he will unilaterally declare a Palestinian State. Do you agree with that position? If not, why haven't you sponsored legislation calling for cut off of aid if he follows through?

4. Congressman Peter King has introduced legislation supporting Israel's action in the flotilla incident and requiring that the U.S. withdraw from the UN Human Rights Commission, which is notoriously anti-Semitic. Why haven't you or any other Democratic congress person signed on to this legislation?

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