Sunday, October 10, 2010

San Francisco East? No daylight between Congresswoman McCarthy and Speaker Pelosi.

Congresswoman McCarthy has ceded our voice in Congress to Nancy Pelosi.  She has voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.  Worse yet, on three legislative issues that are hurting us the most- health care, taxes and the unprecedented waste of a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus bill (more pork, less jobs), she has voted with her 100% of the time.  The result? By ceding our voice to Nancy Pelosi she has cost us millions of jobs, suffocated us with debt we cannot possibly pay back, and set us on the path to the destruction of our quality health care.

This is not San Francisco, this is not Nancy Pelosi’s district, and we didn’t vote for her.  And Nancy Pelosi is not entitled to TWO votes in the House, and that is what Congresswoman McCarthy has done.   Facts are facts, and right now we are sold out lock stock and barrel to the crazy whims of Nancy Pelosi- its wrong and it cannot continue.

Here is a very neat tool that proves we have become a branch office of California’s radical 8th Congressional District –

Consider for a moment, in light of these demonstrable facts about Congresswoman McCarthy’s voting record, how some other Democrats voted.  These folks are generally considered to be ‘moderate’ Democrats.  Why not take a moment to compare their votes with Congresswoman McCarthys.  Lets see if Ms. McCarthy is a moderate Democrat or  an extremist Pelosi ‘yes’ vote as we have seen above.

  • 31 Democrats signed a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to not raise taxes in January, McCarthy does not sign
  • 47 Democrats signed a letter to Speaker Pelosi urging her to not raise taxes on capital gains and dividends, McCarthy does not sign
  • 39 Democrats voted NO on adjourning Congress without voting to prevent the massive tax increase coming in January, McCarthy provides swing ‘yes’ vote (210-209!)
  • 39 Democrats voted NO on Obamacare in the House, McCarthy and Pelosi vote YES
  • 43 Democrats voted NO on Cap and Trade, McCarthy and Pelosi vote YES
  • 11 Democrats even voted against the Stimulus Bill, McCarthy and Pelosi vote YES

This much should be crystal clear at this point in the campaign, any suggestion that Congresswoman McCarthy is a ‘moderate’ is a gross disservice to the voters- the facts say otherwise.  San Francisco East, indeed.

We need our vote,  we are entitled to our vote, and we do not have to outsource our representation to Nancy Pelosi and her San Francisco extremists.  For when Nancy votes twice, we lose.  Come November, each one of us has a chance to tell Nancy Pelosi that we want our House seat back.

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