Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter to the Editor From Don Cariddi, Lynbrook Resident

It is time for real change in Washington and time to have true representation. Carolyn McCarthy has become part of the problem with our dysfunctional Federal Government. She is someone who votes along party lines and with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time, how can she honestly say she represents her constituents if her voting record is so off balance? In poll after poll her constituents and the country are against amnesty for illegal aliens and yet she votes for the Dream Act, a reward for supposed children up to the age of 35. She has voted against the SAVE Act, a common sense approach to start controlling our illegal immigration problems. Her dismal voting record makes it quite clear she is pro-illegal alien and against legal, tax-paying citizens in her district. On countless occasions I have called her office, requesting the location of her next town hall meeting only to be told she does not have any meetings planned. Well over 100 times I have faxed, called and emailed Carolyn on a variety of issues only to get her usual cookie cutter response which amounts to nothing more than a rejection letter since she will vote along party lines and does not care what any of her constituents believe. So it is time for real change, enough of a non-representative who has been in office 13 years and only knows how to vote with Nancy Pelosi while ignoring the majority of her constituents. This change is someone who will represent what the majority wants, this person is Fran Becker. His values are the same values as the majority of those in his district. He supports legal immigration as any sensible person would, he supports secure borders, he supports a return to fiscal sanity in Washington and he supports truly representing his constituents . As an independent voter I am able to evaluate both candidates and it is evident if we want things to truly change in Washington, it is time to change our Representative who only knows how to represent her democratic party and not her constituents back home.

Don Cariddi
Lynbrook NY

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