Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Time for McCarthy to Go--Letter to the Editor by Tony Iovino, RVC

Printed in the RVC Herald:

It’s time for McCarthy to go

To the Editor:

My mother, a bank teller, was murdered during a robbery. For years I have strongly supported reasonable gun control measures, and I supported Carolyn McCarthy in her initial run for Congress.

It’s time for McCarthy to go.

In her 14 years in Congress she has failed to obtain progress on her principal issue. More than that, she has failed to represent our district.

She is a nurse, but her voice was unheard in the health care debate (for or against).

Our district is incredibly dependent on the financial services industry, especially Wall Street. Yet her voice was unheard on financial regulation (for or against).

Because of inflated incomes, and expenses, here on Long Island, most families earn more than $100,000 in combined incomes. Yet McCarthy never fights to adjust limits on things like the deductibility of college tuition, qualifications for tax rebates, etc. And now she wants to do away with the tax cuts — a move that will hurt our district more than almost any other in the country. I doubt she has considered the impact of the tax increases on restaurants, the personal services industry — or the workers in those industries — when billions of dollars leave Long Island for Washington.

There is a long list of key topics affecting Long Islanders that McCarthy is silent on: jobs, Israel, national security, the environment, transportation, trade. She is a leader on no issue other than gun control — and there she has failed miserably, even with a Democratic Congress and president.

Carolyn McCarthy gets the overwhelming amount of her campaign contributions from outside the district and from political action committees. She almost always votes with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, often against our interests. Our district deserves a leader — one who is interested in our needs, not San Francisco’s.

Fran Becker is a certified public planner and an experienced legislator. He’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with Peter King on topics important to Long Island. That’s why I support Fran Becker this year.

Tony Iovino

Rockville Centre

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