Thursday, October 14, 2010

Letter to the Editor from Peter Johansen, Veteran

Printed in the Three Village Times on October 8th, 2012

Our Salvation – The Ballot Box

I have always answered the call to duty.  For thirty years I wore the uniform of a Naval Officer and twice I was mobilized to the Middle East.  Now with my military service behind me, I am answering a new call to duty.  For the first time in my life I feel compelled to become active in the coming election cycle.

Two years ago the country was sold a bill of goods under the title of Hope and Change.  What we got instead was two years of one party rule, exploding deficits, high unemployment, bailouts and a 2,000 page health care bill that most legislators never read before it was voted on.  The damage done by this congress and this administration boggles the mind.

Our representative from the 4th Congressional District Carolyn McCarthy has been nothing but a rubber stamp for the congressional democrats, voting with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time.  She has long ago stopped representing her constituents and instead has become an entrenched party hack.

At the time of the health care vote, I wrote emails to her office in opposition to the legislation only to be rewarded with a five page piece of propaganda that only succeeded in wasting more taxpayer money for paper, ink and stamps.

When was the last time that Carolyn McCarthy has had a town hall meeting to defend her votes or listen to her constituents?  She has been curiously absent from public view.

In the 4th Congressional District we have the opportunity to send Francis Becker to Washington to represent us in an honorable and sagacious manner.  I urge the citizens of our district to support him in every way you can but most importantly by casting your vote for him on election day.

Our country is in deep trouble and I am answering the call.  This will now be the 18th time I will vote in a congressional election but it will the first time that I will put my efforts into the process.  I will educate my neighbors about the issues, the candidates and the urgency for action.  Our greatest enemy is apathy.

Peter Johansen
West Hempstead, NY

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