Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter to Carolyn McCarthy from Siobhan Moran, Rockville Centre Resident

                                                                                                                          October 1, 2010

Hon. Carolyn McCarthy
300 Garden City Plaza
Suite 200
Garden City, New York 11530

Dear Congresswoman McCarthy:

I’ve never met you. But you do represent me and my family, and my friends and neighbors, in Congress. I believe that you’re running for re-election. I say believe because I haven’t received any campaign literature from you and I don’t know your position on virtually any issue of importance. I checked your web site to try to discern your positions on various issues but find no answers. I also wrote to you directly asking about your position on health care legislation and tax issues but only received form letters in response that must have been written by your interns.

Last year I asked you to explain why the healthcare legislation was good for New Yorkers. As you know, New York is a community-rated state that already precludes denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. In reality, the major impact of the legislation you voted for is to increase Medicaid costs for the State and the County – costs which ultimately get passed on to your constituents. Medicaid already consumes more than 40% of the state budget.

More recently, I wrote to you asking why you are not trying to stop yet more tax increases that are scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2011. As you know, here on Long Island we already pay exorbitant property taxes, village taxes, county taxes, state taxes and sales taxes that are the highest in the nation. And let’s not forget all those stealth taxes they slip in on our telephone bills. But again you didn’t answer my question. I did receive one of those nifty form letter responses though. Do you honestly believe that massive tax increases are in the best interests of your constituents in the current economic environment? If so, why? Seems to me to be a straightforward question deserving of a straightforward answer.

I’ve never met Fran Becker, your opponent in the upcoming election, either. But at least his web site explains his positions on various issues so that I can be an informed voter. Your silence on these issues is deafening.

Siobhan E. Moran
Rockville Centre, NY

cc: Fran Becker
     Rockville Centre Herald

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