Friday, October 8, 2010

"Making a Difference for Long Island Families"

Since Carolyn’s motto is “Making a Difference for Long Island Families” we thought it might be a good idea to see exactly how she herself has made a difference over the last two years on the most important and critical issues. Specifically, how she, with HER vote (our vote that we trusted her with), has impacted us:

• Massive new taxes coming in January

• Millions of jobs lost while the Federal Government squandered almost a TRILLION of our dollars (actually, Carolyn borrowed the money from China, but details details…)

• A radical and destructive health care plan that’s going to give us less care for more money after waiting forever to get it

• Cap and Trade, the job killing tax raising scheme that she voted for and we have to stop

Well, maybe they get credit for being honest, she certainly has made a difference. Now let’s get out there and vote for Fran Becker, who is going to make life for us BETTER and not simply ‘different’.

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