Sunday, September 5, 2010

Republican Take Over: Fran Becker for U.S. Congress

The Cook Political Report gives Western Long Island’s Congressional District 4 a “Solid D” rating meaning they predict a win for Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a Democrat in office for over twelve years.  (Say it aint so!)  Returning McCarthy back to Congress for a 6th consecutive term is equivalent to giving the Obama agenda a thumbs-up.  She has voted with the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda 97% of the time.
Touting “accomplishments” at her government website, McCarthy says the following about healthcare reform:
As a member of the Education and Labor Committee, one of the committees responsible for drafting the healthcare reform plan, Congresswoman McCarthy is playing a key role in the healthcare reform debate.
McCarthy is for the Healthcare law that was forced down our American throats in March 2010; and she is not working to repeal the legislation, rather plays a “key role” in its defense.  This shows that McCarthy votes with an allegiance to the Democrat Party instead of the voters who have outright rejected Obamacare as a worthwhile healthcare reform package (to say the least).
McCarthy is also for “gun safety.” Gun safety in her mind means giving the federal government the power to decide who can work at a gun shop, note the following:
Congresswoman McCarthy has introduced legislation that would require all gun store employees to pass a background check. Gun dealers would have to supply employee information so that the Department of Justice can run background checks on them using the National Instant Criminal Background Check Database (NICS) system and certify that the employee should be allowed to work in a gun store.
(I have a couple of questions for the Congresswoman:  How about some background checks on the illegal immigrants that loiter Nassau County?  And, why is the federal government deciding whether an innocent citizen is “allowed” to work?)

Republican Primary September 14
A Republican can win in Congressional District 4 if only they are united behind one candidate.
Candidates in this race include Nassau County Legislator (District 6) Francis “Fran” Becker; former legal counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Frank Scatturo; and  Director of Gathering of Eagles – New York State chapter, Dan Maloney.
A decision admittedly is a difficult one because all three Republican candidates that are on the primary ballot are deserving of the voter’s attention for being well-meaning, conservative, pro-life Republicans with a unique background and a unique line of supporters.
Raquel’s Pick – Fran Becker for U.S. Congress
Fran Becker is the one candidate that stands out among the rest.  He is a well-liked eight term county legislator who has devoted his entire adult life to public service.  A devotion Fran says he “enjoys” because it gives him a “sense of purpose.”  “I am a person of faith,” Fran continues:
There is an effort to remove God from the public square even though the 2nd Amendment is clear that nothing should get in the way of the practice of one’s religion.  People generally believe that our rights should not be regulated, and since Obama has been elected to office, the voters are recognizing that government is seeping into every dimension of our lives. We are concerned for the future of America.
Fran Becker is President of Becker & Associates Planning Services, and in that capacity, has the expertise to encourage financial stability at the federal level, Fran explains:
Because of over spending and over regulation by the Obama Administration, our economy is in shambles.  The financial markets sink and unemployment continues to rise.   As a small business owner and Certified Financial Planner, I meet with clients everyday to help them map their futures and share with them the disciplines necessary to create a successful financial plan.  I will bring these skills to Washington with a vision for the future and the understanding on how to create jobs and restore the American Dream.
If voters want to stop the financial-hole politicians have dug us into, we must unite behind good candidates that can win.  A vote for Fran Becker in the Republican primary is the first step in beating a Democrat who votes for “We the Government” not so much “We the People,” and the second step is by voting for Fran Becker again in November.
Fran Becker is the only candidate who can run a formidable race versus Democrat McCarthy because he has the political background to do so.  Fran Becker has been re-elected to the county legislature by wide margins for eight consecutive terms and has the endorsement of the Republican, Conservative and Independence Party lines.
Republican primary voters in District 4 ought to stand united behind Fran Becker now; give him the opportunity to actually win; and watch Fran Becker make it to the halls of the U.S. Congress where he will be a strong voice for the people in a sea of sycophants.
Fran Becker for U.S. Congress no ifs, ands or buts!

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