Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter to the Editor From Ann Schockett, Woodmere Executive Leader

Dear Editor,

The 2010 General Election on November 2 as well as Primary Day on September 14 may prove to be the most vital ones in our nation’s history – and future. It will be the “make or break” of the finest country in the world.

Tens of millions of people from coast to coast struggle to climb out of a hole being dug deeper each and every hour by irresponsible Democrat leadership. Our President and his administration continue to ignore the growing cries of the people, turn a deaf ear to them and to reason, and placate us with promises of a brighter tomorrow. But please remember that many tomorrows have already come and gone!

Our President is charming. You surely have heard of the snake oil salesman who is so smooth and convincing that he can promise to heal a dying person with his miracle cure? Perhaps, in 2008, the bottle of magic potion was labeled, “Change”!

But enough with flowery promises and scented alchemy! As each day passes, it becomes clearer how difficult it will be for our country to halt the destruction of onerous monetary, inept health and destructive business plans. As each day passes, our country moves more quickly towards becoming a defunct democracy. This, my friends, is reality!

We are at a critical tipping point in our nation’s relatively young life. Our fragile situation cannot survive any more ‘tipping’. This crisis was fueled by an unfeeling, uncaring, unethical, narcissistic and power-hungry administration. Spending money we don’t even have, they were plain old careless; pushing through absurd programs, they were bullies. And now, with the nation’s greatest resources being depleted, the administration and Congress remain more out of touch than ever. Their devastated constituents are being forced to leave foreclosed homes, are being let go from their work, are living on hand outs and are giving up hope for the future. And still, too many remain bewitched by empty talk and promises as their Democrat leadership literally eat cake – on custom china in their tax-supported offices, on extravagant vacations taken on constituent taxes and during their countless perks.

Friends, this is a mess; you and I are in a mess made by this administration. To compound that, this same government that cannot tend to even the simplest problem also has the audacity to want to determine our health care! Health-care management by the government – scary!

Please educate yourselves as thoroughly as possible before next Tuesday’s upcoming Primary on September 14th. What does each candidate say he or she stands for but what did each candidate actually stand up for? Look at the voting records and the attendance for votes. Why does each person deserve your support – will that person lead and also represent you?

A funny thing happens when that “curtain closes”, when one actually votes. Sometimes, the representative you have, even an ineffectual one, is someone with whom you’re comfortable. But friends, these are not comfortable times. Your vote counts and I know I can count on you to make a good and educated choice.

I’m counting on your realizing that we’ve had too much of nothing – and we’re paying for it, literally! Too much lack of common sense. Too much lack of fiscal responsibility. Too much lack of interest in constituents. I’m counting on your finding out that the right choice for United States Congress is Francis Becker.

It’s time for a successful businessman, financial planner, elected official with an excellent voting record and attendance and person with high moral values. It’s time to clean Congress with clean people like Francis Becker! It’s time to learn how to spend wisely by having someone there who has been helping individuals and government do just that for years. It’s time to stop the nightmare of this Democratic administration and Congress and wake up on Primary Day to vote for Francis Becker for US Congress. Now, that’s living the American dream!

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