Saturday, September 4, 2010

Letter to the Editor by Glenn Edwards

To the Editor:

We have reached another tipping point in our country. Being now 52 years old, I feel that I have legitimate perspective on our country and the direction that we are going. For 30 years, I have run businesses here on Long Island and around the country. I have employed over 6,000 employees and have interacted with both public and private companies.

In my opinion, the current administration and Congress have never been more out of touch with the national and international demands of a competitive business environment. People do vote with their conscious, but they vote with their pocketbook as well. The belligerent attitude of the Far Left in the White House and Congress is shutting down our spirit and to that extent the interest business has to hire or expand.

It is for these reasons and too many to express here that we need "common sense" legislators like Fran Becker in Congress. He is a business man with high ethical values. Fran is committed to community and has his ear to the ground. I have spoken with him directly before endorsing him and he truly understands the distinct difference with what is happening now with the “entitlement” country that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are building and the country that Americans really want to work hard for.

Americans really do not want a free ride and Becker gets it. Let the American Dream live again. Let the Congress hear loudly what Americans really want.

Glenn Edwards
Chart Organization, LLC

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