Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Post from Alexandria Hein

The photographs, pictures, awards and various other patriotic memorabilia that decorate the walls of Legislator Fran Becker’s usual business office were perhaps foreshadowing the change to come.

Today his usual work documents and cliental information for Becker & Associates has been replaced. It’s been moved to another office, and in the place of his usual employees are his supporters. We chat with each other easily, happily going about the work that comes with a campaign, the kind that relies on the support of volunteers.

Our common denominator, Fran Becker, walks in and out of the various rooms, quickly stopping to have a conversation with us here or there, his daughters each came in from out of state and stop to introduce themselves to us. His adorable grandchildren shyly turn the corner and decide whether to wave hi or sneak back behind mom.

Why are we here? Why did I, at 21, struggle out of bed this morning (okay I was late but I got here and it is a Saturday morning)? Because we believe in the message behind Becker’s campaign. We know that he has more intelligence and pride in his country than his opponents. We are here because he makes sense in a world that is becoming increasingly confusing.

His message is clear and concise and when you listen to him talk about it- you have to believe him. His five-point plan for our state and country looks great, but I want to also point out for you that he knows how to make it work. Legislator Becker is a Certified Financial Planner, he knows how to implement a system, and he knows how to create a sensible, successful, path for a long journey.

This is why today, on a sunny Saturday morning, his headquarters is packed with buzzing and excited supporters. It’s why at the break table everyone stands around talking about his plethora of support from his district. It’s why we all hail from different parts of Nassau County, united to elect him.

-Alexandria Hein

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